2023.03.07 News

We have won the WNP Awards 2023!

We have won the WNP Awards 2023!

The EEC Trends conference, preceding the European Economic Congress, was held yesterday. At the gala concluding the event, prizes were awarded by the editors of the WNP.PL portal and the Nowy Przemysł Economic Magazine. FAMUR was among the winners.

The WNP Awards were given to entities that performed well in the difficult market year of 2022 and outlined new directions of development and trends in the economy. Our company was recognised for its “profound transformation and new competences”.

The award for FAMUR was received by President Mirosław Bendzera from the hands of the President of the Polish Development Fund Paweł Borys and the former Minister of Climate and Environment Michał Kurtyka.

I would like to thank first of all the employees of the FAMUR Group, now Grenevia. Many people, if they had heard a few years ago that a group immanently connected with mining could change its profile so quickly, would have said that it could not succeed. Yet it is succeeding. Green transformation, a trend that is accelerating its momentum, can be used in a positive way and we are an example of this. By presenting Grenevia, we are demonstrating a completely new business model and we promise that this is only the beginning –  said CEO Mirosław Bendzera, receiving the statuette.

In addition to Famur, the award was also presented to: Accenture, AIUT, Baltic Pipe, Budimex, the wind power industry, Respect Energy, ZPUE and Polpharma.

The year 2022 was a time of intensive development for Famur – an important acquisition of Impact Clean Power Technology SA took place, and a number of agreements were signed confirming the green direction of the strategy chosen in 2021.