From FAMUR to Grenevia. 
The history of our transformation

Grenevia’s history has been a journey from a leader in mining machinery manufacturing to an active investor supporting green transformation and other prospective industries.

Grenevia originates from the traditional industry.

For more than 100 years, the FAMUR Group has been perfecting machinery and equipment for the mining sector.

FAMUR machines and devices have been increasing the efficiency and safety of the mining sector for years.

In 2002, a private investor purchased the FAMUR SA machine factory.

A restructuring process began, and a series of huge investments were launched to bring the company back to the ranks of the world’s largest manufacturers of mining machines. Between 2003 and 2019, the process of consolidation of the mining-related industry was underway. It drove FAMUR Group to become a national leader in the industry of machinery manufacturers for the mining industry and strengthened the Group’s position in global markets.

In the following years, we developed our competencies dynamically.

We have completed 17 M&A projects, successfully expanding the Group and building strong investment competencies. Creating a global brand and the resulting presence in 20 markets significantly strengthened our export potential. Dynamic growth and adapting our business to changing economic realities required developing and strengthening new areas, including engineering competencies, large companies management, operation scaling and organization of production processes.

In 2021, we entered a new path of development

Considering modern turn of climate policy toward reducing carbon emission and the widespread trend of energy conversion, we decided to transform our business into a holding company investing in green energy.

The new strategy assumes that FAMUR will be generating about 70% of its revenues from non-coal sources by the end of 2024.

We invest in the photovoltaics sector as well as repairs and service of gearboxes for wind turbines

In 2021, we took the first step on our green path and entered the large-scale photovoltaics and PV solutions industry for the B2B sector by starting cooperation with Projekt Solartechnik (PST) – one of the leading players in the Polish renewable energy market, experienced also in dealing in the European markets. In 2022, FAMUR became involved in the wind energy sector, basing on the company’s years of experience and competence in designing and building equipment for the industry.

We invest in battery systems and electromobility

In 2022, through our partnership with Impact Clean Power Technology, FAMUR has invested in another promising RES area – battery systems, electromobility and energy storage.

We constantly implement modern technologies

The Group is constantly following the trends of Industry 4.0. Examples include the SIGMA smart room, robotization of production processes and the ever-growing role of photovoltaic projects.

Those solutions and projects optimize the operation of portfolio companies and demonstrate their modern technology-based aspect.

In 2023 we became Grenevia

The new name – grene (green) via (road) – is a clear reference to the green economic transformation that we support. It is also a symbolic summary of the changes we have undergone in recent years.

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